Friday, October 30, 2009

Update - Halloween & Birthdaay :)

Wow, I am really bad at keeping you guys updated .. I feel horriblee! .. Eh , Sorry .

Here are a few updates :

Tomorrow is halloween and it turns out I am not dressing up. I can't find anything to be. Oh well , I am still gonna have fun. I am going to Joan and James ( my aunt and uncles ) house. Oliva and Spencer ( My cousins and their kids ) are gonna be Hannah Montana and a dragon. My cousin Shilo is gonna be there and she is gonna be a pumpkin:) Remember , she is only 1 . Her new born baby brother , Paxton is coming too with her mom and dad , ( Laura and Bill ) . My grandma is gonna be there to help. Wowza, Its gonna be a busy household! Oh well , thats alwaays fun..
Last halloween my little neighbour Housten was in the hospital and it really makes me think how fast time can go , and if you just keep praying then things can be pretty good :)

On Mondaay its my ..... BIRTHDAY:) :) I am so exited . I am turning 15 .. FINALLY! I seems like everyone is 15 expet me.. LOL . I guess thats what happens when your birthday is the second last month in a a year with 12 months:) ( Did that make any sense ? ) ..

Anywaays, Just thought I'd update youu guys .
Remember , Have a safe and Happy Halloween ...
Sydneey <3>

Ps . I promise to make moore blogs :)

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