Wednesday, November 4, 2009

My first blogg at 15 !! :)

Hey guys , So as I promised I said I'd do more blogs , so here we go . :) 

I hope everyone's halloween went awesome , ( and safe of course ) . Minee was fun , and crazy. Boy, Shilo is one goood trick or treater . She did 2 WHOLE blocks :O And she's one! I was walking with her and her dad, and she was like ' come on , come on! ' It was funny.. and cuutee. Olivia and Spencer we go go go :) They wont NOT stop! No joke. It was crazzzy.. I am suprised no body fell and really hurt themselves! It was a gooood halloween . 

That following Monday was my birthday and it was AWESOME! I got the best presents ever. I got  a new phone ( the lg zenon ). Its AMAZING. No joke. But my favorite present was my Taylor Swift Fearless special additon ( or what ever its called ! :P ahha ) . It has SIX new songs :O ( Including the piano version of Forever & Always , which may I say is BEAUTIFUL ) . She is SO talented. The cd also comes with a dvd and it has behind the scenes to her music videos for her songs ' White Horse ' , ' Love Story ' , and ' You belong with me ' :) :) AND behind the scenes of her Fearless tour AAANNNDDD her music video with T-Pain ' Thug story ' . Seriously that girl can do it all :) 

Anyways , Just wanted to saaay heey , and keep my promise ( about blogging more ! ) 



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