Thursday, November 5, 2009

My thoughts of the day :)

Friends , what does the word even mean? I don't get it. You say that word and all of a sudden your ' friends ' with a person . Like you can trust them with anything. To me it just doesn't make any sense. ( Well that's me, an over thinker ). Sure, I have friends , even best friends but it took me a long time to say that. Another word I don't understand is the word ' sorry '. Its such a simple word , but usually the reason your saying sorry is because you did something really bad to someone you care about. Okay, so how is one word supposed to erase all the mean things that ' friend ' said about you behind your back , or even to your face? How is it supposed to erase that feeling you got when you heard that mean word or name. ( And don't worry I say it myself.) .. 

Here is something else, and this we have NO say over. NONE! How does God pick someone to die? I know that sounds bad but think about it, somebody has to decide when your time in this world is up. It can't just happen. In my life I have had a lot of scares like that. Even though I don't remember any of it , I will always live with that. ( I won't explain what I am talking about quit yet. I'll do it in another blog so stay tuned ) . 

Life can be so crazy. These words that we hear people say we don't know if they mean it , or if they do mean it after we say they don't. Ahh, Life. Its really interesting if you think about. All these people walking around with different thoughts , and different out looks on life , even different goal. Some of us may at the same but we are not all the same! NONE of us are. 

Tell me what you think ..
Xoxo <3 
Sydneey .

PS, sorry for going so deep on all of you. I've just had a lot to think about these past couple of daaays. I promise my next one wont be as deep. Hehe

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