Wednesday, September 30, 2009

We the dreams ; Kate Voegele .

We the dreams :) :) :) :) :) :) 

Pretty girls, they have it easy
Living the strawberry kiwi life.
Me, I just fill up on coffee
Let the caffeine do the talking
Well I'll always miss you and i'll always wish you'd been mine.
Well if i was an english teacher
I probably could get you to dance with me
Well Robert Frost is in your wallet
The Road Less Whatever-you-call-it
oh, ohhh
and I'll always miss you
And i'll always wish you'd been mine
Love, I'm afraid, that after tonight
There won't be a way to see you
But just for the sake of our storyline
I'll wait a day to break the bad news
ohhhh ohhhh
So I'll buy myself a cheap apartment 
And I'll buy my heart a secret compartment
And when your memory starts to surface
I'll toast to mistakes made on purpose
yeahhh ohhhh
Well I'll always miss you
And I'll always wish you'd been mine
Well it takes an idealist to know one
And me and you, we had it goin for us
And we the dreamers chase forever
So at least yeah now we'll be together
I guess
Well I'll always miss you
And I'll always wish you'd been mine.
I'll always miss you.
And I'll always wish you'd been mine.

* I don't really understand this song but maybe that's the point ! " We the dreamers " , we all have to dream and dreaming dosen't always making sense :) :) :)What is your take on the song ?

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

My first blog

So I wanted to try all this blogging stuff out ! :) So here I go .. Bare with me .. 

The name of my blog pretty much gives away the stuff I will be talking about . I will be tell you about my day and everything that happened , I will also be trying out my songs and you guys and please please tell me what you think ! 

Also, I will talking about music ( my love ) and we can share the type of music we likee :) Sounds likee fun , huh ? Haha ...

I will try and make one everyday . ( I guess this counts for todaays :)  I will tell you the things I liked and the things I really didn't likee :) 

Anywaay , Hope you guys will stay posted  :) 

Sydneey <3