Friday, October 9, 2009

Hey Hey ..
Tonight is the Miley Cyrus concert ! :) :) :) Ahhh , I am SO exited . I've been waiting for this foreveeer .. at least it feels like that ! :) :) I can't wait to tell all of you about it . Its gonna be an awesome concert !
Here are the list of songs she is doing , and in the order -
Start All Over
7 Things
Kicking and Screaming
Bottom of the Ocean
Fly On the Wall
Michael Jackson "Thriller" tribute :)
Let's Get Crazy
Hoedown Throwdown
::Surprise cover:: (hint:
These Four Walls
When I Look at You (featuring sneak peeks of "The Last Song")
I Love Rock N' Roll (cover)
Party in the USA
Wake Up America
Simple Song
See You Again
The Climb
I can't wait to see her do " The Climb " " When I look at you " "

ps. This is a really old one I made and I found it in my saved ones so I decited to add it . Oh , and it was an awesomee concert:)

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