Sunday, February 7, 2010

Current Event.

See, I told you I'd make another blog :)

So, how was everybody's weekend? Mine was pretty good. On friday, I had my best friend Rebecca sleep over! It was a lot of fun, and then on saturday we went to the mall!! I FINALLY got a purse I've been wanting forever :D :D I was a very happy girl!!! After I came home from the mall I had to get ready and pack because I was going to Olivia and Spencer's house for a sleep over. I also had to babysit them :) It was pretty fun, but we had an accident with the wip cream. They decided they wanted to rub it all over themselves and then they decided to put some in their hair. Thank goodness for bath tubs!!! :) :) :)
Today we just hung out at their house and then listened to music. It was pretty fun.. Oh, and we watched Hannah Montana : The movie :) Gotta love that movie :P
When I got home nobody was home, and I went to call my mom and she didn't answer. Don't you hate it when that happens? I sure do..

Anyways, I hope everybody had an awesome weekend, and is ready for the week.

Love & Blessings
Sydney <3>

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